View Full Version : Please help! Kitchen backsplash opinions needed

12-29-2011, 10:07 AM
Please help....we need to make a decision quickly on our kitchen backsplash (in the next day or two). We are contracted with a pretty good allowance for a travertine backsplash. We have a friend with a travertine backsplash and it's tumbled so it has roughed up edges and "holes" in the surface. Their house was built about 5 years ago. Issue is that I'm not crazy about the tumbled/roughed up look though DH likes it. I do like the shades that travertine comes in but not this "rough" look. Also, I'm concerned about the care of travertine. DH loves to cook sauce and always splatters on the backsplash. Is travertine hard to clean? Does it stain? We like a more traditional style and are getting dark cherry cabinets with new venetian gold granite. I'm also afraid that the tumbled travertine will look dated. What are your opinions on travertine being a dated look? Any suggestions/ideas or pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Ashley Wagner