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Thread: How to "stain" - "dye" - "paint" travertine??

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    How to "stain" - "dye" - "paint" travertine??

    I'm trying to stain, dye or paint (don't know how to call it) some travertine pieces like the pictures I attached. I'm trying to achieve an "old - washed" look.
    Does any body know what technique is this? What do I need to use?
    I would appreciate any help.

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    Welcome to TravertineForum.com.

    The pictures uploaded by you use an Acid technique. I am not sure which acid but I can find out. These are obviously machine made tiles. The original color of the travertine stones appear to be light brown/gold/noche. It's the acid which is causing the beige/white areas.

    You may also review:

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    Hope this helps.

    Good luck,

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