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Thread: How do you tile a ceiling with Travertine Stone?

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    How do you tile a ceiling with Travertine Stone?

    Planing on tiling the entire bath, floors, walls, ceiling with Travertine like you see at some hotel bathrooms. I know the studs have to be solid, I need a cement backer board, thin set that is a little thicker and labeled for stone work but I wonder if there are any special tips. The tiles are 18 x 18 inches and weigh 10 lbs each. Thanks

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    i would go for a smaller travertine tile for the ceiling, you dont want to do the whole bath in 18x18
    you need to break it up. I suggest a diagonal on floor, cut tiles in half n do a running bond for walls with a border. and do a smaller 8x8 or 10x10 for ceiling, have to use a quick bond mastic for ceiling and they will stick

    just my 2 cents though

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